Getting the hang of it

So, things with the canning are going well. We are starting to get the hang of the canning. That hasnt been the problem. The problem is, the recipes.

Its easy to follow a recipe, granted. But when you are going on what you have on hand, or what you have gotten from Moms garden, it gets a little tricky. Ok, so the recipe calls for 4 pounds of banana peppers. To fill 4 jars. Simple enough. Sure. But if you have maybe half that, and maybe, if the recipe calls for “large” peppers, and you think you may have small, its starts getting ugly.

You start tweaking. So I have barely enough to fill two pint jars, and I know, that if the peppers go in the jar dry, you will have about half a jar once you get the brine in there. No, I didnt add more peppers to it, because I didn’t have enough, but had too many for just one jar. BLAGH!

So I end up having to make 2 batches of brine, for two jars. And maybe, I just dont quite get the math and science of how I halved the recipe, but still end up having to make the same amount for only half the jars.

And let’s not even try to discuss this whole pectin siutation. Pectin, should be pectin, should be pectin. Ugh. And there are so many different schools of thought, and what you can do, and what you shouldnt do.

I was on a site today, reading about a recipe, and pickling. And someone actually suggested turning the jars upside down to keep the peppers crisp. I’m sorry, WHAT? Every other thing I have read, says never to flip the jar. And this one says you need to. And what exactly does flipping the jar do?

Really? Put pressure on the ever sensitive seal? It would certainly let you know if there was a leak. And when to flip the jar to maintain crispness? If that is the case, can I just buy cheap pickles, and flip them over and they will be as crisp as Vlassic?

Something tells me, that won’t work to keep peppers crisp. Maybe it was a troller, and they like to mess other people up. Well, let them flip there jars, I’m going to do what the ball website says, I’m not flipping anything.

Oh the insanity. I wish I had more pictures. I always seem to forget to get pictures in the heat of the moment. I do have a few on my actual camera believe it or not. Amazingly, my “camera” still takes better pictures than the cell phone. It’s not out of the game yet. Not as easy to access, or post, but I can always come back later with the pics.

I’m sure all my fans are anxiously awaiting photos. Hahahaha…. (right) as if!

I’m pretty sure I do have one fan, more of a stalker, but she will always be watching from a far. I’m sure most everyone has at least one… I like to occasionally mention her just to keep her attention, and Im sure it makes that shriveled little heart attempt to beat again.

Hmmm. Maybe I should post this under rants…..